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About the Author:

Gary Dunker is a freelance Christian writer who makes his home in Lincoln, Nebraska.

His credentials include over twenty years of teaching Bible studies.

Since 1999 he has produced several publications for Concordia Publishing House.

Among them are:

  • Inquiring Heroes of the Faith
  • Proclaiming Heroes of the Faith
  • Courageous Heroes of the Faith.

Enrichment Magazine articles:

  • Bible Feasts; John, Part 1; 1 Corinthians; 2 Corinthians;  Judges; Baptism; Ruth/Esther

God’s Word For Today Bible studies:

  • Leviticus
  • Joshua
  • Song of Songs
  • Judges
  • 1&2 Samuel
  • 1&2 Thessalonians

Additional work includes study notes for The Lutheran Study Bible on the book of Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Numbers, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Lamentations 

His article: Healing Hands of Christ was published in the February 2006 edition of The Lutheran Witness.

Doctrinal Review Committee

Each publication from Lutheran Bible Studies is reviewed by a group of Lutheran clergy.

Rev. Dr. Luke Schnake
Rev. Brent Kuhlman
Rev. Dr. Luke Biggs
Rev. John Kunze

Welcome to Lutheran Bible Studies
Greetings in Christ. 
As the founder/owner of Lutheran Bible Studies, I welcome you to our Home Page.
Lutheran Bible Studies began as an outlet for Bible Studies and Dramas I have written outside of the realm of my wonderful association with Concordia Publishing House.  I began writting Bible Studies and Dramas almost fifteen years ago.  As a friend as I co-taught Bible classes, we discovered that to properly teach, we needed to know more.  To that end we began to consult additional sources--the writings of Martin Luther and other church fathers--to glean additional insights for the classes we taught.
Soon, we began co-teaching Genesis--writing our own material during the week and teaching the material on Sunday mornings.  This process continued for three years as we thouroughly taught God's Word using Martin Luther's 8-volume commentary on Genesis as our resource.
In 1999, I was invited to attended CPH's Writing for the Church seminar in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  By God's grace, I received the first of many assignments.  For the next seven years I worked full-time and wrote part-time.  In the fall of 2005, I felt called into the writing ministry full-time. 
The studies and dramas you find on this website were developed for use in congregations of varying sizes.  Each study and drama was researched, written and then reviewed by a group of Lutheran pastors to insure that they adhere to Lutheran doctrine (ie. Biblical doctrine).  Questions are intentionally crafted to help you get the most out of each Biblical text and also to build healthy Christian relationships among class members.  At the end of each study, a Leader's Guide makes teaching easy and accurate. 
May the Lord bless you in the study of His Word.
Gary Dunker, Owner/Writer
Lutheran Bible Studies
Mission Statement:  Lutheran Bible Studies exists to provide Biblically-sound Bible studies and dramas. 
Coming Soon:  (The following are under doctrinal review)
The Epistle of James--Bible Study
Spiritual Fitness--Bible Study
The Lord's Supper--Drama with  Communion Service
Lord, Teach Us About Money--Devotional